No, this is like a roulette player who continuously bets on 23, only to discover there is no #23 on the wheel. These students are arguing that they took on debt to pay for something Corinthian couldn’t (and wasn’t equipped to) deliver, and that the Education Department failed in their duty to protect them from this… » 5/04/15 8:04pm Yesterday 8:04pm

I would normally agree with this sentiment, but in this case I think her familiarity with the way the media machine operates probably works in her (and more importantly, her clients’) favor. If the Cos was hoping these accusations would just fade away, I think she’ll make sure it doesn’t. » 5/01/15 7:52pm Friday 7:52pm

I think a big reason Glass 1.0 flopped was because Google was trying to convince people to wear them out in the world, where mockery lives. Confined to specific spaces (work spaces) and tasks it would be tailored to, Hololens (and Glass 2.0 for that matter) can thrive. But as a technology quasi-shim inserted into my… » 5/01/15 5:40pm Friday 5:40pm

I get this stuff in the grout of my shower all the freaking time. It drives me batty, although getting in there with a grout brush and cleaning it is almost as rewarding as its appearance is maddening. It started appearing more aggressively when we changed to the Kirkland brand body wash, so I guess it’s like steroids… » 4/29/15 4:29pm Wednesday 4:29pm